Privacy rights after Brexit

Hello and welcome back to our newsletter. Since the transition period is ending soon, we were wondering if we will still have the same privacy rights as before. For this, we made a little research so we can put your mind at ease.


Starting from January 2020, when the UK will leave the EU, the GDPR law (which is an EU regulation), theoretically, will no longer apply, but according to the government, they intend to incorporate the GDPR into UK data protection law, so there will be little change about your rights, or none for that matter.
Based on this, you will continue to have the right to ask any organisation for a copy of your data, and you can still decide what you want to do with it.
Since we are talking about your privacy rights, here is a reminder of them:
1) First right you have, and probably the most know is the Right of access. This is how you can ask for a copy of your digital information from any organisation.
2) The second right is the Right to rectification. This is how you can ask any organisation to update the information they have about you. Yes, you can also do this.
3) The third right is the Right to erasure (to be forgotten). This is how you can request organisations to delete all identifiable information they have about you from their system.
4) The forth right is the Right to restrict processing. This is how you can ask the company to stop processing your data for marketing purposes (this is just an example, you can do much more).
5) The fifth right is the Right to data portability. This way you can ask any firm to send all the data they have about you to another organisation of your choosing. In our opinion, this works best in combination with the third right, but it’s completely your choice.
6) The sixth right is the Right to object. This way you can ask any company to stop or prevent them from processing any information about you.
7) The seventh right is the Right not to be subject to a decision, based only on automated processing.
We hope we shed some light into your privacy rights. If you have any questions about these rights or you wish to exercise any of them, you can get in touch with us here.
Thank you, and remember to #keepitprivate

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