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Did you know?

Scammers buy your data online

Many organisations (not only data brokers) collect, buy and sell consumer’s personal information.

This habit makes our data easily accessible and cheap – you can buy a complete profile (full name, email, phone number, address, interests and much more) with just a few quid

Scams come in all shapes and sizes

Among the most popular scams, we’ve seen:

Energy bill reduction

Amazon account/order issues

Currys and Tesco loyalty programs

Dating (impersonation, sexual harassment)


People lose 000s to scams

The average loss to a scam is £5000, but there are some that lost their life savings.

How can you protect?

1) Do your research

Just because the email/text/call appears to be from a reputable source, that doesn’t mean that it actually is.

For emails, look out for:

Spelling mistakes

Weird domain (e.g.

HTML code left in the footer

For texts/calls, look out for:

The phone number – always look their phone number online.

Just type the number on the search engine, and you’ll find if the number is genuine or not

2) Don’t let your emotions lead you

Scammers will take advantage of your emotions in order to get you to give out as much information, and eventually take your money

If you feel excited, anxious or scared about the email/text/call, you’re probably targeted by a scammer.

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Frequently asked questions

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We are working to get the best tools ready for you to make scams a thing of the past.

Scammers continue to profit by taking advantage of anyone, regardless of age, gender or background.

We believe we will have a bigger impact if we provide this level of protection to anyone that needs it or wants it.

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