European Parliament has approved the first draft to stop targeted advertising

Hello and welcome back to our newsletter. Today we are going to talk about the European Parliament, which has approved the first draft that will stop advertisers from using sensitive information.

Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act (DSA), was first introduced in 2020, and regulates the obligations of digital services (Google, Amazon, Meta etc.) that act as intermediaries between consumers and goods, services and content providers.

The Digital Services Act will stop big tech companies from using targeted advertising using sensitive information, such as sexual orientation, religion or race, to name a few. Besides this, it will also give users the ability to opt-out of tracking, and will force platforms to remove illegal content (e.g. hateful speech) and products (such as counterfeit goods).

European Parliament

The European Parliament has voted the first draft of the Digital Services Act, with 530 pro votes, 78 contra, and 80 abstentions. The DSA will shift the power from Big Tech into the hands of EU consumers, which will have more freedom deciding how their personal data is used.

What happens next?

Does this mean that your data will stop being exploited?

Short answer, no.

Advertisers and Big Tech still have access to many pieces of information about consumers, ranging from age to approximate (or even exact) location. These types of information can and will be used to target users online.

But let’s say that you are comfortable with advertisers using more general information instead of the sensitive data, to provide you with more personalised ads. Even so, it’s still up to you to opt-out of tracking.

What you can do

Like we’ve said, it’s up to you to opt-out of tracking.

Fortunately, we are here for you, and we can provide the help and support you need in order to protect and preserve your privacy.

Every one of us want to achieve different things regarding our personal information. Some may want to stop being tracked online, others may not want their data sold, and there are others, just like us that want to do everything in order to ensure and achieve true privacy.

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