Discover the secrets of your inbox - Gmail accounts

Do you know how to unleash the power of your inbox?


Today we’re going to discuss about how you can find a list of companies that may hold and process your personal information – all from your inbox, and without giving anyone access to it.


Note: This guide will cover Gmail accounts. Other email providers will come

Step 1

Log in into your Gmail account

Step 2

Access your “Contacts” tab


This will open a whole list of contacts with whom you’ve corresponded

Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and access “Other contacts”


This will show you a list with everyone you corresponded with – both inbound and outbound emails

Step 4

Select all

Step 5

Export – select the file type you want to have

Depending on the age of your email address and how often you use it, you’ll probably have anywhere between 1000-5000 (or more) contacts. I have 2800.

Now you have a much clearer and broader picture of the number of companies that may have and process your personal information.

And the best part is that you didn’t give anyone access to your email in order to find this information.

What next?

It’s up to you.

Option 1

You can go through your list and start contacting each company individually, asking them to delete your information from their system.


As a bonus, you can copy-paste the text below for your deletion requests:



I am writing to request for my personal information to be deleted from your system.

Please confirm once this has been completed.


Thank you.”

Option 2

You can share that list with us.

Here are some benefits for doing this:

  • We will curate the list and remove any contacts from the following domains: Yahoo, Gmail, Live, Outlook, AOL, Hotmail etc (these might belong to your friends or acquaintances)
  • You will have the ability to send 100 deletion requests every month with a click of a button. Why 100? Because if you send more than this, it can become difficult for you to track everything, and some companies might slip through the net

If you decide to go with Option 2, you can start by uploading the list here, finish the registration, and start clearing both your inbox and your “digital footprint”.

This requires the monthly subscription – £6.99/month (cancel any time).

A clean inbox is a safe inbox.

Stay private 🔒

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