What is a Subject Access Request ( SAR / DSAR ) ?

A Subject Access Request, also known as SAR or DSAR, is a request made towards an organisation, in order to obtain a copy of your personal information. The SAR can be written or verbal, and can be submitted either online, by email, using third-parties, or via social media, or through a phone call or face to face.

This is a legal right for anyone in the UK.

You can easily submit a request to any organisation you want through our special service, mData.

1) Your right to make a Subject Access Request

In May 2018, the EU introduced the GDPR, which was adopted and implemented in every country in Europe, including the UK.

Since the UK has finalised the Brexit, it has decided to keep the GDPR as a user privacy law, and it also known as the UK-GDPR.

Under the UK-GDPR, you have the right to submit a Subject Access Request to any company you want. This can be any organisation, from private companies, to GPs, banks, hospitals, government, or even the police.

This helps you see if a company has the right information about you and is kept up-to-date, and you can also find what a company does with your personal information.

2) What can you find from submitting a SAR

By submitting an SAR, you can find what information does a company has about you, and most importantly, what they do with it.

By now it has become general knowledge that many organisations collect many pieces of personal data about their users, and many of them also share or even sell this data to third-parties. This data sharing or selling usually happens without user’s knowledge, and unfortunately this can lead to an increase in scam attempts or, user’s can be exposed to data breaches.

We have designed a service, mData, that can help you find what a company knows about you and what they do with it. Besides this, mData helps you track your personal information, by finding which companies share or sell your data, and most importantly to whom.

If you wish to find out more about our service and how we can help you protect and preserve your private information, you can watch our official launch.

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