Do you know which companies hold your data?

Hello and welcome to our newsletter. Today we are going to talk about companies, how they gather personal data, which they also share or sell to third-parties.


That being said, let’s start with a question. Have you ever signed up to a website to use their services, and after a while you forgot about them but didn’t bother deleting or deactivating your account?
Well, I think it happened to all of us at least once. We made a research into this subject, and our findings were astonishing.
We all know that Facebook, Instagram or Google collect most of your data. That’s no mystery. But there are other companies that do this, and maybe you didn’t knew.

Let’s say for example that you found an interesting article on Inc. Magazine’s website. Like with many others, you have to agree to the use of Cookies in order to access their website. We are pretty sure that you didn’t look at the Cookie agreement. So, we analysed it for you. If you agree to this website’s cookie policy, you also agree that they can gather analytical information about you and your device, which in return is shared with over 300-500 other companies. What are these companies doing with this data? First of all they “Store and access information on device”. They also “Create a personalised ads profile”, “Create a personalised content profile” and even “Apply market research to generate audience insights”.

Maybe this doesn’t bother you too much, but the most important thing about this, is the number of companies with whom they share your data with, 300-500 other companies.

We discussed here about only one company, but imagine that there are many others that do the same thing with your private information.

This led us to develop a unique service especially designed for you. We imagined that most people are aware about the information a company gathers about them, like your name, email address, phone number, DOB and so on, but we bet you didn’t think that this information can be shared with others as well.

With FindMyData, you can find out which companies hold and process your data. We search for your private information from over 40,000 global companies, so that you can take control over this info. We act on your behalf and produce an analysis as well as a whole list of companies that have your data on their system. After this, you can decide what to do next. You can find out what data they have, or ask them to delete it.

If you are interested in this service and wish to take your first step into protecting your privacy, Get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of the rest for you. Remember that all the information we obtain about you, will be automatically deleted after your confirmation that you are pleased with the service. We do not store, share or sell any of your data, nor we intend to do this.

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