Do you know which companies sell your personal information?

Many organisations share or sell user’s personal information, mainly to increase their revenue. In most cases, your data is gathered and sold to advertisers, which then bombard you with ads. In case their advertising techniques (usually e-mail marketing or marketing calls) don’t work with you, they sell your information even further.

Data brokers

It is common knowledge by now that data brokers collect most of your personal information and sell it to third-parties. This is their business model.

Off course there are data brokers that are disguising as credit reference agencies. These agencies are then able to collect sensitive information about you, like incomes, loans, debts, credit cards, address and address history, and many others. All this information is then shared with other companies in order to find your financial situation.

But there are just a few data brokers that do this, which are known at an international level.

Data selling

Do you know how many organisations are in the world?

40.000 companies around the globe.

Do you know how many companies share user’s personal information?

Over 4000. Yes, more than 4000 around the world trade user’s personal information, because it has been the most valuable currency on the market.

Have you ever wondered why do you have so much spam emails or how scammers obtained your data?

Your personal data is sold on a daily basis by many companies that you don’t know, and they do this without your consent or knowledge.

A good example of this data sharing came from our founder, Claudiu, at our official launch, where he presented a situation where he was offered a database with over 4.000.000 e-mail addresses from the US, for only £600.

Do you know how much money people lost to scams this year alone?

Over £2.35 billion in the UK.

How to stop data selling

We have designed a service, mData, which can help you protect your personal information. With mData, you can:

  • track your personal information
  • see which companies have
  • how they’ve obtained it
  • what they did with it
  • stop them from doing anything they want with your data
  • delete your information from their system


By doing this, you will be able to protect against scams or potential data breaches.

You can even go a step forward and join our Scam Prevention Program where you can easily report a scam or seek advice in regards to a potential scam, and besides all this, you will receive weekly notifications from us, where we inform you about the latest scams and how to protect against them.

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