Clearview AI – A danger to your privacy

Hello and welcome back to our newsletter. Today we’re going to talk about Cleaview AI, the dangers it imposes on your privacy and why you should care.

Who is Clearview AI?

Clearview AI is an American company specialised in facial recognition, and its algorithm matches faces to a database of billions of images indexed from the internet and scraped from social media platforms. Clearview AI offers its services to organisations like law enforcement, universities and individuals.

How did Clearview AI developed its database?

Clearview AI collects photographs from many websites and social media platforms. Much like Google, Clearview AI uses web crawlers which search and collect photos from the web that are directly available without the need to log in into these networks. The company also extracts images from videos online available from all platforms.

According to CNIL (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés), Clearview AI has a database of over 10 billion images.

Where does Clearview AI operate?

According to The Verge, Clearview AI’s facial recognition system is used by more than 2,200 organisations, from law enforcement (Federal Bureau of Investigation or Department of Homeland Security) to universities. Based on an article by Recode, Clearview AI claims that it does not operate outside USA and Canada, but it has been found that the company offered its services to countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Why should you be concerned?

Even though Clearview AI claims to operate only within USA and Canada, its database of over 10 billion images has been developed collecting photos from all around the word. Chances are that more than one photo of you appears in the company’s database.

Clearview’s disregard to user’s privacy

Based on the investigation conducted by CNIL, Clearview has been found in breach of two GDPR rights:

  • Unlawful processing of personal data (breach of Article 6 of the GDPR), because the collection and use of biometric data are carried without a legal basis

The failure to take into account the rights of individuals in an effective and satisfactory way, in particular requests for access to their data (articles 12, 15 and 17 of the GDPR)

What can and should you do?

Like we’ve said, chances are that Clearview AI has at least one photo of you in their database, obtained without your consent, and used in their facial recognition system.

Based on this, you have the chance to ask for a copy of your personal information from them (including name, address, emails, biometric data), as well as ask them to delete your data from their system and restrict them from processing it in the future.

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