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Stop data selling

Tired about how companies treat your data or about what are they doing with it? Now you can restrict the way they process it, and stop them from sharing or selling it, or stop them from bombarding you with nuisance emails or calls.

Track your data

Many companies share and sell your personal information to third-parties, and sometimes it happens without your knowledge of consent. Now you can find which companies have and process your information.

Find what companies know about you

Companies collect too much of your personal information, and not every time they are transparent about the type of data they collect. Now it's easier to see what an organisation know about you.

Protect your child's privacy

Children spend more and more time online, and companies collect and process their personal information. You can find what companies know about your child, delete their data or restrict the way it's processed.

What people said

I subscribed after my husband used the service. Besides knowing what other companies store about your information and what they do with it, the service actually helped me rectify the info the credit companies had on my account. Very useful service for an affordable price!
Satisfied with the result. The procedure is actually simple and I was surprised of the type of data the companies store and how they use it. Good use of my money deleting their data base of my info. Cheers!


We act on your behalf in order for you to obtain a copy of your data. Not all companies have made this process easier, so users can have a difficult time if they try to see a copy of their info. With FindMyData, you can see your data from over 40,000 companies, and if you want to, even ask them to delete it. We recommend doing this if you don’t use their services, as it lowers the risk of your data to be breached, your identity stoled or be scammed.

FindMyData was designed to protect you against scams by enabling you to track and delete your personal data from the web. You will also receive weekly updates about the latest scams where you can learn how to spot them.

You can protect yourself against data breaches by stopping any organisation from selling or sharing your personal data, as well as delete your information from companies you don’t use. With FindMyData, you can rest assured that your data is protected.

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