Have you given up on your personal data?

Did you know that scams or spam are a direct result of your data being sold and shared online?

FindMyData enables you to stop companies from selling your information, and reduce the number of spam or scams you get.

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Your data. Your decision.

Stay in control

You have the power the decide what a company can and can't do with your personal information.

Remain updated

Find which companies hold, process, sell or share your data, and if so, to whom.

Be informed

Find what companies know about you, and get to know what they do with your data.

Protect your family

See what companies are doing with your children's personal information.

Take back control of your data

and much more..

What people said

I subscribed after my husband used the service. Besides knowing what other companies store about your information and what they do with it, the service actually helped me rectify the info the credit companies had on my account. Very useful service for an affordable price!
Satisfied with the result. The procedure is actually simple and I was surprised of the type of data the companies store and how they use it. Good use of my money deleting their data base of my info. Cheers!

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